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Pocock Points & Policy

Statement from the Owner

Pocock Rare Books is committed to the ongoing consideration of the following: 


  • Continuous review of cataloguing and recording standards and language with regard to ensuring equal and fair representation.

  • Continuous review of the ethics of acquisition and sales, and wherein possible either choosing to not sell an item to be used for nefarious purposes, or making appropriate enquiries into the reason for interest in sale when an item is of an extreme nature.

  • To be continuously and unflinchingly clear on both the explicit and implicit racism, sexism, misogyny and negative representation and harmful stereotypes in all works insofar as we are capable.

  • Nudity will not be censored as standard, in the belief that the human body in and of itself is not offensive. As standard, all persons represented in items for display and sale were involved of their own free will insofar as it is possible to clarify, and in instances where this is known to no longer be the case (Lovelace et al), full context will be given additional consideration to the victim, or not made public in the first instance. Proper care and regard will be taken for items in which there is clear exoticism, appropriation, and harmful fetishisation. 

  • Continuous review of the context as appropriate - as language and best practise develop, We are committed to keeping this as up to date and in review as possible. Continual learning is key and we are committed to be as flexible in our approach as possible to this in the best interests of all parties that are affected.

  • We commit to keeping up to date with the most appropriate language so as not to cause harm to all people, including but not limited to all cultures, genders, races and backgrounds. We welcome advice and guidance by all and any communities whose history and culture appears in our lists, catalogues, social medias, and elsewhere online.  


If at any point it is felt the items catalogued here or on associated social media are not meeting the appropriate standards, please contact us at your earliest convenience, and we will endeavour to respond posthaste.

Selling to Us 

We are always interested in buying from you - please do pop us a message and we'll see what we can do. 

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