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The paedophile doth protest too much. Activist Roger Moody's account of his trial for the Attempted Buggery of a 10yr old boy. Much of the 64 pages details diary entries of wistful monologues circling endlessly around the idea that people who attempt to prosecute paedophiles are the true enemies of children. Secondary attestation is that he only likes young boys, not little ones, a distinction he spends several paragraphs on. His Peace News obituary titles him as a 'Researcher and activist who spent 40 years holding international mining companies accountable', with no mention of his trial, his own account (this) of which Peace News published in 1980. While he was a key figure in the global anti-mining movement fighting exploitation, this is now somewhat overshadowed by his explicit exploitation of minors, his wider body of work remaining largely inconsequential.

Moody, Roger. Indecent Assault.

  • Word is Out/ Peace News, London, 1980.

    148 x 209, staplebound card wraps in black and red on white. A little wear to edges, but internally bright and clean, no losses or major marks. 

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