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An appearance by the emitible T. P. Cooke leading in a short run of Auld Langsyne, also playing in the second billing of Luke the Labourer albeit in a more minor role. The finale note indicates a performance by Cooke in his now most famous role: ‘To-Morrow Evening, by very Particular Desire… PRESUMPTION, OR THE FATE OF FRANKENSTEIN… after which, the popular nautical spectacle of The Pilot’. Cooke stars in the former as The Monster, and the latter as Long Tom.

[Theatre Royal, Edinburgh] Mr T. P. Cooke, Who is engaged for TWELVE NIGHTS Only

  • will make the Second Appearance this Season, … Tuesday, April 21, 1829… ROB ROY, or AULD LANGSYNE Theatre-Royal Edinburgh            

    Single leaf broadside 222 x 278mm. Minor marks and trimming, one stain on the right hand side. Gutter margin and bottom edge trimmed.   

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